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Abyss original unfiltered SFF patch released. It's been long overdue even though it didn't take long for me to create this. Note my characters were created for Windows Mugen. They most likely will work with Mugen 1.0 but there's a victory screen error for Onslaught that needs to be manually fixed. This can be fixed by changing the sprite number in the SFF file with an SFF editor and then adjusting the reference to it in the AIR file. I plan to fix this and convert it to be compatible with the new Mugen once a new version comes out. No plans so far for anything. I've been busy working on a MMORPG project. I may consider working on Mugen projects again in the future when a new version of Mugen becomes available with more features.

Website updated. Contact form is now working. Onslaught, Abyss, and Sentinel from Marvel vs Capcom series can be found in the characters section.
No major plans to update them soon as they are very complete for the Windows version of Mugen. At some point when Elecbyte updates their Mugen with more features, they may be updated. The only thing I can see is to release an alternate SFF file for Abyss that does not contain filtered sprites for the 3rd form and stage interaction for Onslaught and Abyss.

People have asked me about disabling background music for the characters. I have provided a config.txt for the characters. You just have to edit it with Notepad and comment out the line of code that enables the music with a ;
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